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Состоялась панельная дискуссия на тему извлечения Урана и РЗЭ

The panel discussion was held 23 May 2019, immediately following the Uranium-REE sessions at ALTA 2019 in Perth, Australia.

The main topics included Future Wish List for IX in Uranium and REE Processing, Standard Procedures for Resin Evaluation, Resin Breakage and Make-Up and the Design of IX Systems, Solvent Impregnated Resins, and IX Versus SX for Uranium Recovery from Phosphoric Acid.

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Panel Chair: Alan Taylor (AT), ALTA Metallurgical Services (Australia)

Panel Participants (left to right): Marthie Kotze (MK), LANXESS (South Africa); Grenvil Dunn (GD), Orway Mineral Consultants (Australia); Johanna van Deventer (JVD), Purolite (South Africa); Dmitrii Kondrutskii (DK), Axion - Rare and Noble Metals (Russia); Karin Soldenhoff (KS), ANSTO Minerals (Australia).

Editor’s Note: The contributions of the panel members and delegates are not presented verbatim, but rather have been paraphrased and condensed for clarity and brevity. They are not necessarily recorded in order but are grouped into major topics. Also, it is not feasible to include all contributions made during the discussions, and they are limited to some that are representative of the key points raised and debated.