Hydrometallurgy ion exchange resins are our core business. The Russian experience in the application of selective metal recovery at hydrometallurgical enterprises goes back to the middle of the industrialization era. The largest research institutes for the development and implementation of new selective ion-exchange materials and sorbents were located on the territory of modern Russia. Our company takes this experience and we continue to develop the production of ion-exchange resins and sorbents for the extraction of metals at mining enterprises around the world.
The efficiency of using selective extraction of metals from acidic or alkaline media has been proven by a large number of research projects, including our specialists. The sorption method of metal extraction increases the coefficient of extraction and reduces the operational costs of producing a ton of products. In addition, through the use of selective ion-exchange materials in mining enterprises, new opportunities are opening up for additional profit from additional extraction of valuable by-products from mother liquors. Ion exchange resins are also used for the separation and separation of non-ferrous metals.
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